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Something a little different...

We have been collecting great stuff together for a while now and we don't find ourselves in great need of the normal wedding gift fare. We do hope to eventually end up on a honeymoon somewhere sunny or purchasing a home in the not too distant future. On top of that, we're getting married far away from home, which would just complicate the process of getting physical gifts back out west. All those things in mind, we decided we'd make it easy for everyone to help us toward our long term goals by making a contribution to our big dreams instead of giving us more traditional gifts. Please choose any of the options below to make your contribution and thank you for understanding our unique need.


Card or Apple Pay

Click the button below to contribute a gift via standard credit/debit card or via Apple Pay.

Send a Gift


If you use Venmo and want to send a gift directly, you can click the button below to access Shaun's Venmo. You can also find @ShaunHorine in the app. 


If you use the Cash app ( from Square, click the button below to give a gift. You can also find $ShaunHorine directly in the app.